About Jessica

Jessica Aponte is a no-holds-barred New Yorker, born and raised in the South Bronx.

She’s also an LP – Little Person for those not familiar with the politically correct lingo.

Jessica has met and overcome many challenges in her life, including homelessness, being a single mom, and a cancer survivor.

Meeting these challenges has produced an outspoken, tenacious, empathetic go-getter.

She has the ability to speak to anyone on their own level. She can go from speaking with the Queen at tea to speaking hoodrat on the corner. 

If you know Jessica, you know that she’s always ready to give blunt advice – whether you want it or not.

She loves talking to people around her; both hearing their stories and telling them some of her own.  This ability to be open and honest has opened doors that would otherwise be closed. 

For example, she was able to convince a man in prison to allow his three daughters to be adopted by their stepfather. Every adult in that situation still maintains contact with her, including the biological father who has since been released from incarceration.

She’s a college graduate with a master’s degree. But most importantly, she has a life-long love of learning.


If you are serious about hiring someone that likes to talk and has loads of personality, then she’s your lady.

Jessica is currently a bilingual radio personality in S. California, with a strong desire to cross over to television.

She is also a certified matchmaker with an emphasis in the LP community. Her background as a certified life coach and ordained minister enhances her matchmaking abilities.