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I don't believe in throwing away good people just because a certain type of relationship did not work out. Sometimes those relationships don't work because they were only meant to bring people together. Jessica Aponte

When I met Jessica Aponte I was impressed with her communication skills and professional demeanor.  She showed an enthusiasm for conversation that in my line of work I typically don’t see.  In the time since meeting she has continued to demonstrate these qualities and more.  As she looks to start a new career it is obvious that one in communications would be attainable.

I have seen Jessica speak to people in a professional manner and transition into lively discussions with very unique individuals.  She definitely has the ability to talk to anyone and on any level with a gift of making those individuals feel comfortable. She can get interesting people to share and confide in her even when other professionals can’t.  Her writing skills are excellent and I have often mentioned to her that I wish I could hire her to write reports for me.  

Her ability to communicate is excellent across the board.  If you hire her for a position in broadcasting you will not regret it.  

Jessica is a hardworking, well spoken, go getter. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to speak with you if you would like additional information.