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I don't believe in throwing away good people just because a certain type of relationship did not work out. Sometimes those relationships don't work because they were only meant to bring people together. Jessica Aponte

Before getting help and guidance from Jessica Aponte I was seriously in a really dark place. It wasn't so long ago I was lost but today seems like that was a long time ago thanks to her help.  I have gotten so far from that place and while I'm not exactly where I want to be yet I know I will get there and Jessica played a good part in me making that realization. Thanks to her coaching concerning everything from heartbreak and love to friendships and family relationships and even business dealings and dieting she has been God sent and I am blessed to have her in my life. The major change I had to make, as hard as it was, was removing negative friends that I had a love for but to better myself, I had to and it's working.  I forget her exact words but that talk that night was a wake-up call for a drastic change I needed and do not regret at all. I can go on but in short, she has helped me immensely. She is easy to talk to and straight forward.  I will vouch for her a million times over. In life we need refocus, reminders and that push to get back on track and now I'm motivated and thinking about the most important person to me...ME.